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Denim Shirts

Denim shirt is best for less formal tailoring like a cotton suit or a sport coat and odd trousers.

It’s an unfortunate fact that these days, wearing a dress shirttie, and jacket makes you better dressed than most or all the people around you, so there are times when you may be looking for a way to blend in more while still maintaining your style principles. Denim can help with this. If you embrace the smart casual aesthetic, the denim shirt is a valuable option, perfect for a run to the supermarket or a weekend day out.

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Nowadays, “denim” usually refers to a cotton twill fabric, meaning it has a diagonal weave made up of two threads in one direction (the weft) passing under two or more warp threads, though the diagonal appearance of the twill is quite subtle.

Denim exists in various weights, and shirts, especially fine shirting that can be worn with tailoring, would be lighter weight than the denim used for jeans. The name of the fabric originates from the French “de Nimes,” for the place where the weave originated, though it was first used extensively in Britain before it saw explosive popularity in the United States via jeans manufacturer Levi Strauss.


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