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  • Winter Jacket

    Casual Jackets


    In contrast with technical jackets, casual models put a premium on style and comfort, in addition to accomplishing their primary tasks of providing warmth and weather resistance. They are also usually built with heavy-duty shell materials like canvas or nylon, which add weight but are much more durable than the razor-thin and delicate shell fabrics used in technical jackets. They might also include stylistic features like cargo pockets, button flaps over the front zipper, and fur accents around the neck and hood.

    Since these jackets are made with affordability, durability, and comfort in mind, they don’t always offer an athletic fit or light weight, making them less suitable forĀ high-output activities. However, they work great for getting around the city, sledding, or ice skating. Casual jackets also offer convenient features such as phone pockets, removable hoods, and thigh-length fits that provide extra protection.